Professional headshots

Lower Budget versus Quality Studio Headshots

The saying “You get what you pay for,” is absolutely true, especially when it comes to quality headshots. When your face is the brand for your company or business, you need to shine. In order to get the best headshot that represents your industry, don’t settle for low-budget photography. You’ll get mediocre at best. At Elite Image, our goal is to provide you with the best headshot you could possibly hope for; not just anything mediocre or good. Your success is our success. We take this seriously. You are important to us. And we provide you with information that’s not included in the price, yet it’s free of charge.

We offer FAQ's on clothing, color choices, make-up, and stress reduction advice. It’s our goal to help you look your best when you’re sitting in front of that camera. All of this advice comes to you at no additional cost. Before pushing the shutter, we do a lot of things: we’re making sure the angle is right, checking your hair; assuring everything is perfect before taking that shot. We take about 30 minutes with each client. It’s not a rush job. 

Our Pricing is extremely affordable for both, large and small business professionals. You really need the best for the price. We have experience and offer quality headshots. Add in all the bonus advice and you’re getting more than your money’s worth for the end result. We will provide a headshot that presents your true and natural face that will be the brand for your company, and that brand leads to success. Success has no limits. Don’t let a low-budget studio limit you. 

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